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Below you will find a list of current and previous clinical studies and research that has been performed with various forms of cannabis and cannabinoids. Resources shared in this section are taken from peer reviewed research journals, educational seminars, and other academic related sources.

Clinical Studies & Research

Inaugural Interdisciplinary Cannabis Sym

University of Arizona Host Inaugural Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium

As the land grant college the College of Agriculture & Life Sciences, the BIO5 Institute, College of Medicine Tucson, College of Science & CEAC have come together to sponsor the University of Arizona Project, IICS, the Inaugural Interdisciplinary Cannabis Symposium. It is designed to inform the community about recent evidence-based research and teaching in Cannabis horticulture and medicine.

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US Veterinarians' on the Use of CBD for Canine Medical Conditions

This study used the Veterinary Information Network (VIN) to gauge US veterinarians' knowledge level, views and experiences related to the use of cannabinoids in the medical treatment of dogs. Overall, CBD was most frequently discussed as a potential treatment for pain management, anxiety and seizures. 

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Pharmacokinetics, Safety & Efficacy of CBD in Dogs with Osteoarthritis

This study aimed to determine the basic oral pharmacokinetics such as, duration, and intensity of the effects of cannabidiol (CBD). This study also assessed the safety and analgesic efficacy of a CBD based oil in dogs with osteoarthritis.


Cannabis Research Aims to Determine Efficacy & Safety in Dogs

High Time for Cannabis Research, provides a solid overview and looks at the current available studies and data aimed at determining the efficacy and safety of cannabis use for dogs.

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