Our Products

Haumea Provides offers a line of all natural, hemp-based products. Read below to find out more about our products, our ingredients, and the type of hemp extracts we use!

Our Sourcing

We believe in sourcing sustainably, and sourcing locally when possible. Some of our ingredients come from the local University Farm and Arizona Family Farms, while other ingredients come directly from our farm and Co-operatives in places like Oregon and Colorado!


All of our Hemp based cannabinoids are sourced from Organic US Industrial Hemp farmers. We use an extract known as broad spectrum distillate, which contains not only CBD, but other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant. When used together they create an entourage effect (contrary to popular belief THC is not needed for this to occur).

All of our products are THC Free making them safe for pets!

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Our Hemp Extract

There are many forms of hemp extract, and not all hemp extract is created equal. It is important to know what type of hemp extract the product(s) you are using contains, as not every product is appropriate for every use or user. There are different types of hemp extracts, and different qualities as well, each with its own purpose, use, and effects. To learn more about the types of extract check out our blog here


At Haumea Provides we use an extract known as broad spectrum distillate, made only from 100% industrial hemp grown with less than 0.3% THC. All of the extract we source come from organically grown hemp from Colorado Farms, with a focus on supporting the small farmer. Our Distillate (aka hemp extract), is produced using clean, green extraction methods. 

We offer a line of broad spectrum THC Free products!