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about haumea

Haumea (pronounced how-may-a), in Hawaiian mythology, is the Mother of all humans, the goddess of fertility, creation, & women empowerment.


Haumea Provides offers holistic health and wellness products combined with hemp-derived CBD.


Give yourself the gift of better quality of life by using products of the earth and the holistic benefits of cannabinoids!

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Mālama is a Hawaiian word, and the simplest meaning is to "take care, preserve, and protect." It refers to actions, people, and a way of life. 


Mālama relates to a culture, our environment and everything we interact with.


At Haumea Provides, we believe in a symbiosis with nature, here to care for and protect Haumea, while she provides for us.


Our goal is to spread Mālama, and encourage others to practice Mālama with themselves and the natural world around them. 

Our Products

We believe in sourcing sustainably, and sourcing locally when possible.


Many of the plant-based ingredients and extracts we use come from local sources and Family Farms.

All of our hemp-derived cannabinoids are sourced from Organic US Industrial Hemp farmers.


We use only 100% industrial hemp extract which contains less than 0.3% THC.

All of our products are THC-free and contain a broad spectrum hemp distillate.

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Our Standards

We believe in delivering consistent, quality products and developed a triple-check testing method.


Samples from our product batches are sent to credible ISO-certified US laboratories, with skilled and experienced chemists and staff.


All of our batches are given an associated batch number that corresponds with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) to ensure consistency in products and proper milligrams.


You can view our COA documents on the Lab Reports page.

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