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Our tincture packs a punch, with your choice from 300mg, 600mg, 1200mg &  3000mg of active cannabinoids!


  • The 1 oz - 300mg concentration gives you 10mg of active cannabinoids per dropper (1mL) 
  • The 1 oz - 600mg concentration contains 20mg per dropper (1mL) 
  • The 1 oz - 1200mg concentration contains 40mg per dropper (1mL) Recommeded for those needing a more concentrated serving. 
  • And the 1 oz - 3000mg concentration contains 100mg per dropper (1mL) Recommeded for those needing a more concentrated serving.


We utilize a broad spectrum distillate, which means you not only get the benefits of CBD, but other Cannabinoids as well, such as CBC, CBG, and more! This tincture  is made with coconut derived MCT oil and is non-flavored, making it easy on the pallet. Tincture can be taken orally or can also be utilized topically in areas of localized need.

Non-Flavored Hemp CBD Tincture

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